Garage Door Repair

Modern life is all about convenience. And when one of those things that are meant to provide you with convenience suddenly stops working, your whole day can go south. This is precisely the case with your garage door.

If you’ve lived in North Richland Hills for more than a couple of weeks, you probably already know that with extremely hot days during July and August, when temperatures can exceed 35°C and with freezing January nights when temperatures can get as low as 2°C, your garage door becomes of even greater importance. You’d probably hate getting stuck outside when it’s so hot or when it’s freezing cold at night.

Potential Problems

Garage doors are complex mechanisms which have to handle extreme weight, exert great force and do so repeatedly day in day out for many years. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that problems and malfunctions are part of the reality of owning a garage door.

Some of the more common problems our clients have reported facing have to do with an inoperative remote opener, an unresponsive door, a door that makes noises and squeaks while it moves, a door that opens or closes only partway, a tilting door and torn or damaged torsion springs.

Professional Garage Door Repair

While some of these problems are easy enough to handle on your own and give you a bit of a headache but nothing more serious, others might actually be extremely dangerous and require the attention of professionals.

If your remote opener has stopped syncing with the door’s command box we’ll resynchronize it, if it has dead batteries we’ll replace them, if there’s something stuck in the door’s tracks we’ll free it, if the door tilts or is unbalanced we’ll have it back in good working order in no time, and if your door has damaged or broken torsion springs we’ll have them carefully replaced, making sure no one gets hurt.

Give Us a Call

Whenever you need to have your garage door repaired anywhere in North Richland Hills know that we’ve got you covered. We love our local community and we do our very best to provide it with excellent and timely service.