Garage Door Springs

A Short Review by North Richland Hills TX Garage Doors

What goes up must come down, well, unless you have sturdy torsion springs holding in its place, that is. A garage door is one of things you don’t actually think about in your day to day routine. You spend little time thinking about its mechanism and how it works, as long as it does work. The problem is that we’re talking about a complex contraption that involves great weight, great force and great importance.

What Are Torsion Springs For?

Torsion springs are a unique invention. We’re talking about springs, that when torqued, gain the ability to store considerable amounts of mechanical energy within them. This energy is used to open and close the garage door in a controlled manner that enables it to serve its purpose while keeping everybody and everything in its vicinity safe and out of harm’s way.

How to Replace or Fix Torsion Springs?

Although being sturdy and strong, torsion springs can get damaged or even broken over time. For some, it might be tempting trying to have them fixed or replaced without calling for professional assistance. But that can be extremely dangerous. Since we’ve already talked about the great energy these springs store, imagine what would happen if one were to release them while remaining oblivious to this fact and failing to take the required precautions. Ever thought about a bullet shooting out of gun? Pretty much the same… Such impact can be devastating and quite frankly – lethal.

If you suspect there’s any kind of problem with your torsion springs the right thing to do would be to contact a professional, certified service provider without delay to inspect the situation and offer required services accordingly.

Only trained, fully equipped professionals will know how to replace those springs without endangering themselves or anyone else for that matter.

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